Attraco Half-Zipper Onepiece Colorblock Wetsuit

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Color: White
Size: XL

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Customer Reviews

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Belinda Gans

Would this add any warmth to a dive, no absolutely not? Will this keep the Sun rays off you, absolutely. Is it fashionable and sexy, that's for you to decide. I'm 6' tall 275 pounds with a 44" waist this fits me just fine all day with being active on the beach. I did pair it with some gloves and booties. It does its job of keeping the Sun rays off and a did well in the water. I'm going to buy this again for my son.


I use a dive skin every day to protect against the sun while exercising in the swimming pool. The price of this one is almost too good to be true. The fabric of this suit is soft and very stretchy - just like my expensive suits! I am a size medium in regular clothing, so I purchased a large. When it is time to purchase another suit, I would definitely buy this brand again, and the seller was excellent as well. Since I do not use this in the ocean, I cannot address the issues important to divers. In summary, this dive skin is an excellent find for my needs.

Brent Gilman

I ordered skins for myself and my husband. They arrived on time. The quality of the material is very good. Much better than the last skin that I purchased at a dive shop for a lot more money. I am 54 and weigh 125 but I am pretty busty. I ordered the large to accommodate the girls and the suit fits great. My husband is 58 and 165 and he got XL it fits perfectly. Glad we bought these


SCUBA Diver. ...Fits great. XXXL 6ft 2 in 250. Feels awesome seams are in the right places for no chafing. The material feels great and won't add any buoyancy. More to follow after I dive with it. Love the fit and the lightweight added protection, perfect for diving here in FL or as a dry suit liner in Washington state.

Erica B.

Great product. Wore it under a 5m wetsuit. I was able to get my wetsuit on in record time. I plan to wear this under my wetsuit every time I dive. Highly recommend!