8 Advantages For Swimming

8 Advantages For Swimming
Swimming is one of the best fitness exercises. You must wear the favourite swimsuit to swim in summer. Do you know? Swimming is probably the most advantageous among all sports. Swimming is a sport that can be participated by infants to the elderly. It represents a popular health exercise program for the masses.
Let's see what advantages swimming has!

Improve skin texture

When swimming, the water flushes our skin, sweat glands, and fat glands, which plays a good massage and promotes blood circulation, making the skin smooth and elastic. As the sweat secreted during exercise will contain salt. When swimming through the water, the salt will be reduced, thus reducing the irritation of the skin. Swimming can improve skin texture, but it is important to choose the right swimsuit to protect your skin.

Lose weight

There was a study showed that at the same speed, the calories consumed by a person swimming in a standard swimming pool for 20 minutes are equivalent to 1 hour on land. At 14 degrees Celsius, the calories consumed by staying in the water for 1 minute are as high as 100 kcal, which is equivalent to the calories given off by staying on land for 1 hour. This shows that swimming is one of the most effective exercises to keep fit.

Enhances myocardial function

Swimming can exercise a strong heart. During swimming, every organ gets mobilized. A person who swims regularly will have a good heart function. When swimming, the action of the water will make the blood in the limbs flow back to the heart more easily, making the heart rate faster.  Long-term swimming will make increase the motility of the heart and make it contract powerfully.

Relieve stress and depression

Swimming can effectively stimulate the secretion of endorphins and help people relieve the stress of daily work life. Swimming allows people to fully relax their bodies and calm down, eliminating external distractions and becoming more focused. This naturally reduces the level of tension and depression. Studies have shown that swimming can help restore brain function damaged by stress through a process known as hippocampal neural regeneration. If you feel out of shape one day, put on a swimsuit and jump into the pool to release your emotions!

Exercise with stylish outfit

The pursuit of beauty is a privilege that every girl has. One of the benefits of swimming is that you can have a wide variety of swimsuit styles! In style, swimsuits have bikinis, one-piece, rash guards, and so on; in print, swimsuits will add a variety of print elements, such as Floral Print, Boho Print, Animal Print, and so on. Wearing a fashionable swimsuit will certainly keep you in a good mood when swimming!

Improve flexibility

When you are swimming, you usually use the buoyancy of the water to lie prone or supine in the water. Swimming reduces the chance of old damage to the bones and makes the bones and joints less prone to deformation because of the reduced impact on the bones. Water through the gentle resistance can increase the intensity of human movement, and will not grow very hard muscle mass, can make the whole body line smooth and beautiful.

Build muscle

People can swim to strengthen the whole body's muscles. Swimming can make your whole muscles get exercise. Since swimming requires a coordinated effort from all parts of the body, the basic movements in swimming activate every muscle in the body.

Reduces Inflammation

As we all know, swimming enhances heart muscle function and improves cardiovascular health. And related research further confirms that aerobic exercise such as swimming can help reduce the risk of inflammation, thus preventing diseases such as Atherosclerosis and making your body stronger.

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