How To Fix A Broken Zipper?

How To Fix A Broken Zipper?

Zippers are a common part of most of our clothes, but we barely notice them until they fail to work properly. Does a broker zipper ever become a reason for you not to wear a dress? Is your gorgeous beach vacation outfits embarrassing you just because of a broken zipper? Don't worry! Fixing a zipper is something you can do by yourself without any hard effort.

It's somewhat frustrating when you can't wear a highly-embellished garment or your favorite bag due to a broken zipper. Whether your zipper is broken or stuck, jammed or separated, it becomes quite a nuisance for you. But whenever you encounter such a problem, a few easy and quick ways can save your dress from wasting.

Do you want to know the best methods to deal with faulty zippers? How to fix a broken zipper on a backpack, dress pants, or one piece rashguard? You are at the right place! Before we look at some easy ways to fix a broken zipper of a zippered rash guard or chilly beach day outfit, let's briefly overview how a zipper works and breaks. Let's get started!

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1.How Does A Zipper Work?

When it comes to closing any of the two ends of a dress, bag, shoes, pants, or any other product, zippers play an essential role. The zipper is a simple yet reliable mechanical device that has made our lives much easier and more convenient over the past few years.

Now you must be wondering what a zipper's structure is and how does it work? Well, a zipper has two rows of teeth opposing each other, having small spaces between the teeth. The teeth face each other but are not exactly opposite to each other. The opposing teeth of a particular row are slightly above the teeth of the other row.

The zipper's slider is Y-shaped and functions as the opener and closer of the zipper. It attaches to the teeth of both rows when the zipper is closed, whereas it detaches when the zipper is opened. The spaces between the teeth and the alignment of the opposite rows make it perfectly possible to hook the teeth in the spaces at a specific angle.

2.How Do Zippers Break?

Zippers can break in multiple ways and give no use if not fixed. But have you ever wondered about the reason or mechanism which breaks the zippers? Are they broken, or do they need to be fixed a little bit? Let's see!

There are different possibilities in which a zipper doesn't work. Let's discuss each of them briefly.

·        Separates After Fastening

The zipper won't work properly when sliding to close it, but it fails. The reason behind the zipper separating even after fastening can be a damaged slider. Check both openings of the slider. If one is wider, you have to squeeze that side to bring back its original size. 

·        The Slider Comes Off The Track

Similarly, if the slider comes off the track, it means either the problem is in the slider or the teeth. Check the teeth of the zipper if they are bent or damaged. If no, then check the slider, and fix them using pliers.

·        Stuck

One of the most common zipper failures is when it is stuck somewhere and is unable to open or close. It is caused by either a fabric stuck in the teeth or the zipper might have lost its smoothness which can easily be gained by using lubricants.

·        Lost Teeth

Sometimes, the teeth of the zipper are broken and can cause an awkward situation if not handled wisely. To prevent embarrassment, you can shorten the zipper to the extent that the teeth are broken.

3.How To Fix A Zipper?

Who doesn't want to save their money by not replacing the malfunctioned zipper and fixing it using an easy yet efficient method? We all do! Here, we will discuss some fast and simple methods to fix a broken zipper. You can simply apply these methods to fix the zipper of your favorite one-piece swimsuit with a zipper or swimsuit for the beach bought from Attarco.

·        Adjusting The Zipper Pull/Slider

Remove the little stopper at the end of the zipper using pliers. Then take out the slider and check if it is distorted. Use the pliers again to fix the zipper pull and bring it back into its original shape. Put back the slider and check if it adjusts appropriately now. Attach the stopper again, and the zipper will be fixed.

·        Using The Lubricants

If the zipper is stuck for any reason, use a graphite pencil and rub it on the zip for a few minutes. The zipper will become smooth and work properly again. Whereas, if the pencil doesn't work, then use soap, detergents, liquids, or any other lubricants, minding the fabric sensitivity, to smoothen the zipper.

·        Repair The Damaged Teeth

If the teeth of a zipper are damaged, you will have to sew a part of the zipper below the damaged teeth. Move the slider above the distorted part and sew the below region of the zipper with no gaps left. This will make the sipper shorter but works perfectly to save a dress.


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