St. Patrick's Day at The Beach: What Should You Wear?

St. Patrick's Day at The Beach: What Should You Wear?

We all are well aware of the killing health benefits of eating greens, but does wearing green can do the trick for you? Yes, it can. Haven't you heard dressing in green on St. Patrick's day makes you sink without a trace to leprechauns?

What Day Is St. Patrick's Day?

56% of Americans wear green on March 17 to honor St. Patrick's Day. Are you wondering what day is St. Patrick's day? And who was St. Patrick? St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and was born in the 4th century. He experienced a message from Lord and started preaching. St. Patrick's day is celebrated to remember the achievements of the great saint.

You know what? St. Patrick's Day was popularized due to Irish immigrants in the US. As you have read earlier, wearing green makes you invisible, but what will happen if you don't wear green? You'll get pinched by the classic leprechaun fairy.

Are you curious and feel like a fish without water and don't know what to wear on St. Patrick's Day at the beach? Don't heave a sigh of relief. Give a shot to our fan-favorite green bikinis.

Green (symbolic shade) is a drawing card that signifies the fragrant flora. Wearing green is a tradition, so why not wear it loudly and proudly? Keep navigating and check out the top green bikinis in our bucket.

1. Fluorescent Color UPF50+ Belted Rash Guard

Women's Fluorescent Color UPF50+ One Piece Rash Guard

This bright Fluorescent Color UPF50+ Belted Rash Guard UPF50+ long sleeve rash guard swimsuit has an attractive design and Fluorescent Color. Its fluorescent color does not go unnoticed and revive any pool or beach look. The design of this spring swimsuit is complemented by an exclusive, solid color that highlights your curves and helps you stand out among many.

Its bright color will definitely give you a blazing presence on the beach in the beautiful spring season. This swimsuit is made from a super-stretchy fabric that supports dynamic movement, perfect for swimming, surfing, sports, and other outdoor activities.

It has a removable belt which ensures a great fit. Its long sleeves plus half zip complements the whole dress, taking it to a new vibrant and chic look level.

2.Green Tropical Print UPF50+ Rash Guard

 Women's Green Tropical Printed UPF50+ Rash Guard

This Green Tropical Print UPF50+ Rash Guard with long sleeves and zip is an absolute must-have this season. Its elegant pattern is a perfect choice for those with a sense of style and fashion. High-quality materials are also a big plus of this item.

Tropical print is one of the most demanding beach vacation outfits. It's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're going to hang out at the weekend at the beach or just strolling around with friends, this attraco swimwear is irreplaceable. 

This green tropical print will give you a charming look and make you look different from the others. Its small details make it unique and stunning. This swimwear can make you look like an elegant lady on the beach.

3.Colorblock Cover-up Rash Guard

Women's Colorblock Cover-up Long Sleeve Rash Guard

This Colorblock Cover-up Rash Guard top is for you if you're a fan of comfort and prefer effortless removal during swimming and on the beach. Its lightweight stretchy fabric gives you a comfy feeling. Its zip feature gives authority to take it off whenever you want. During swimming, X rays harm your body. So, Its UPF50+ long sleeve rash guard protects your skin from the sun. 

Apart from being cozy, it is crucial as  St. Patrick's day shirt protect from UV rays. You can go outside for exercise with this as you know the nitty-gritty of the harmful effect of sun rays, especially in summer. If you plan to hang out on the beach with your family, this easy-wearing shirt is perfect. It helps in keeping your lifestyle active; its long sleeve gives a rash guard in case you are wet. You can easily pair it with underwear.


4.Green Floral Print Ruched Rash Guard

Women's Green Floral Print Ruched One Piece Rash Guard

Do you want to rock on the beach? This Green Floral Print Ruched Rash Guard can enhance your feature perfectly and shows your curve, giving a feeling of sensuality. This swimsuit is made for you if you want to stand out and have fun with the sun. Its quality and UPF50+ long sleeve rash guard protect your skin from the sun. It is abstract of romance and grace.

Take advantage of this season and the freshness of the floral print to wear all kinds of flowers & leaves.  Floral prints are trending nowadays. This floral print with long sleeves is a perfect way to stay updated with fashion and trends. It will flatter your body color and accentuate your beauty like a signature attraco swimwear.

Wrapping Up

These spring swimsuits are the latest bikini collection for St. Patrick's Day, inspired by the spirit of adventure and the fierce independence of women everywhere.

Which one did you like let us know in the comment section?

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