Long-Sleeved VS Short-Sleeved Rash Guards in August

womens long sleeve rash guard

Have you ever thought about why rashguards are called rashguards? They got this name because they prevent your body from rashes, abrasions, and other skin problems caused by surfboards and saltwater.

Rash guards are athletic shirts that shield your skin from almost everything! Surfers typically wear it when they are in or near water. They are composed of spandex and nylon or polyester, giving them lightweight and ideal for surfing.

These materials combine to provide complete coverage while letting the skin below breathe. The women's long-sleeve rash guard, in particular, shields your entire arm from the sun's rays.

Women usually wear a swimming costume or a one-piece swimsuit under a rash guard for modesty. Wear your rash guard wherever you go. Rash guards are also great for hiking and yard work because they are made of a soft fabric that prevents sun damage.

How To Choose A Rash Guard?

Choose a rash guard that fits snugly around your body, as loose stuff material will restrict your movement in the water. Remember that your rash guard should not feel like it's squishing you - leave some breathing room. If you do not plan to swim, you can look for a bit larger rash guard.

Rash guards are typically available in either long or short sleeves. Continue reading this article to learn everything there is to know about women's long-sleeve rash guards and short-sleeve rash guards.

Why Choose A Long-Sleeve Rash Guard?

long sleeve rash guard womens

1. No Need For Sunscreen 

Do you find it frustrating to reapply sunblock to your arms? Don't worry! The women's long sleeve rash guard is here to save the day. You will not need to wear sunscreen because a women's long sleeve rashguard will probably do the trick. The SPF in the women's long sleeve rash guard can protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays.

They also allow you to surf for an extended time by eliminating the need to reapply sunscreen.

2. Can't Get Cold Easily

If you get cold after being in the water for a long time while snorkeling, the women's long-sleeve rash guard is ideal for you. Long-sleeve rash guards are best for protection against colder temperatures because they keep the person insulated and warm while protecting them from the sun. If you need extra support and protection, women's long sleeve rash guards are perfect for you.

3. Dries Quickly

When getting a new rash guard for yourself, keep in mind how long it will take to dry. Rash guards are used in water sports, and the fabric of the rashguard must dry quickly. The material used in the Attraco women's long sleeve rash guards is breathable that dries quickly without affecting the body temperature.

4. Provides Cooling Effect In The Water

The type of rash guard you choose depends on the place and climate. If the weather is hot, women's long-sleeved rash guards with UPF50+ will shield you better from the sun than a short-sleeved rash guard while keeping you cool.

Why Choose A Short-Sleeve Rash Guard?

short sleeve rash guard womens

1. Show Off Your Beautiful Body

A good body looks the best when it draws attention to its toned arms, defined shoulders, and flaunts its waist. Wear a short-sleeve rash guard to show off your athletic figure. A rashguard that appears to fit well and look good on your body while doing adventurous activities is always an excellent extra layer of protection. Make your beautiful body the center of attention with a short-sleeve rashguard.

2. Swim More Freely Underwater

With a women's short-sleeve rash guard, you can move freely in the ocean blues. Its flexible fit is ideal for a variety of water sports. The short-sleeve rash guard provides you with a free range of motion, allowing you to swim more freely underwater. A short sleeve rash guard is ideal for those who want more freedom of movement.

3. Plump Women Are More Suitable For Short-Sleeved Rash Guards

Rash guards come in various fabrics, designs, and sizes. It is appropriate for a variety of watersports. Short-sleeved rash guards are better suited to plump women. It skims the figure and provides UPF 50+ protection. They are made to be comfortable and stretchy enough to fit all women. The short-sleeve rash guard gives you plenty of freedom to participate in any water activity.

Final Thoughts

Surfers go for long-sleeve rashguards for a reason. The reason for long-sleeve rashguards for Surfers,)The women's long-sleeve rashguard provides much more warmth and protection than the short-sleeve rashguard. Short-sleeved rash guards help protect delicate parts of the body from UV rays, like the back of the neck, chest, and back, while keeping you cooler in hot weather.

Don't let the cold water and hot temperatures keep you from having time in the sun, whether you're wearing a short-sleeve or a long-sleeve rashie. Grab yourself a rashie for your upcoming water adventure in August!

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