How To Choose The Right Surfboard?

How To Choose The Right Surfboard?
In addition to a surfing suit, the essential equipment in surfing must be the surfboard. As a beginner at surfing, you have less knowledge about surfboards. You must understand the types of surfboards to choose the most suitable surfboard for your situation.


The aspect of length

  • LongBoard Surfboards

The LongBoard surfboard is usually referred to as a board over 9 ft. The LongBoard is the most original form of a surfboard. It is suitable for all levels of surfers, whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer. Because the board is long and wide, it is more stable than other boards. Surfers can easily stand up on the LongBoard. The LongBoard is so buoyant that you don't need a big wave to push it. The LongBoard allows you to catch the most waves during periods when the waves are less choppy.
  • Mid-Length/FunBoardSurfboards

FunBoard is a product between LongBoard and ShortBoard. The FunBoard is a well-balanced board with good stability and relatively good maneuverability, thus making it one of the most popular boards for recreational surfing. The FunBoard is generally between 7 and 9 feet in length and is suitable for use in most surf conditions.
  • ShortBoard Surfboards

ShortBoard is the most familiar surfboard shape, usually referring to all surfboards under 7 feet. When we talk about surfing, we always think of the ShortBoard. It is mostly about 6 feet in length. It is short, narrow and thin, and requires some surfing skills to drive. Therefore, ShortBoard is only suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. There are also some Shortboards for recreational use on the beach, such as the BodyBoard.
As the ultimate goal of most surfers, ShortBoard can not only meet various surfing conditions but also can surf under larger and stronger waves.
How To Choose The Right Surfboard?

The aspect of shape&function

  • SoftBoards

This is a surfboard made with special soft material.
SoftBoard is durable and safe. The general Softboard is made according to the length and width specifications of the LongBoard. It is a very suitable Surfboard for beginners to learn surfing.
  • GunSurfboards

This is a particular kind of LongBoard, length in 9 feet or so. The shape is similar to an elongated ShortBoard.
The Gun board is designed for big waves and allows surfers to dive and accelerate in front of steep, big waves. For short periods of acceleration, many professional surfers add lead bars to their Gun boards for weight gain.
  • EggSurfboards

This is the shape of LongBoard. Its width is wider and more rounded than the regular LongBoard.It has a perfect curve like an egg, that's why it is called Egg surfboard.
Egg surfboards are designed to be more oval and have more objective buoyancy than other boards of the same length and width. It provides good stability and gliding speed and is an excellent board for beginners to surf recreationally.
  • FishSurfboards

Fish Surfboard is a type of ShortBoard, usually with a double or quad tail fin. The unique fishtail design is popular among surfers.
The Fish Surfboard is wider than the typical ShortBoard and can provide better stability. It is a good choice for intermediate surfers to practice their surfing skills.
  • HybridSurfboards

Hybrid Surfboards are a mix of surfboard shapes and functional designs. It does not belong to any design type of surfboard. It is a general term for the surfboard that combines different functions or shapes. That kind of surfboard design to combine two designs can be called Hybrid Surfboard. For example, the most common Hybrid Surfboard design combines the fishtail feature of a Fish surfboard with the design of ShortBoard.
  • Semi-GunSurfboards

Semi-Gun Surfboards are similar in shape to Gun Surfboards. They both have a slender appearance, and many Semi-Guns Surfboards have a sharp surfboard head. However, Semi-Gun Surfboards belong to the ShortBoard category. Surfers can use Semi-Gun Surfboards to surf in waves up to 3 meters high, and the boards have excellent maneuverability in powerful waves.
How To Choose The Right Surfboard?

Choose the suitable surfboard

When you start a surfing trip, you will be eager to choose a suitable surfboard and make adequate pre-surfing preparations.Choosing the right board will be the biggest problem for every surfer, and you can pick your board by following these factors.


  • According to surfing skill level

Surfing skill level is one of the most basic conditions that determine how you can start surfing.If you are a beginner surfer, you should choose a board that is easy to learn or practice on, such as a LongBoard, SoftBoard, or EggBoard. If you have some surfing skills, choosing a board that matches your height, weight and preference will be the best choice. If you are an experienced surfer, you can select any type of board. Different boards will give you different fun.
  • According to own conditions

When you need to buy or customize a surfboard, you can not only refer to factors such as height and weight, but you can also choose with the style of surfing suit. Many beginners often blindly follow the advice of coaches or seniors and ignore their situation and preferences, which makes it easy to make the wrong decision. Of course, you do need to listen to your coach's advice during the training phase. But once you have some knowledge of surfing, you should learn to think independently.
  • Be brave

With more surfing, your skills will improve without you realizing it. Learning to surf can be a long process. Make sure you can surf safely, don't get stuck with your past choices, try to choose a board you've never used and a style of surfing suit you've never worn before, it will give you a whole new experience!

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