What Need To Prepare Before Surfing?

What Do You Need To Do Before Surfing?

Surfing preparation: have a fear of nature!

Whether you're a first-time surfer or an experienced surfer, it's important to be prepared before every surf session.Surf spot conditions and surf equipment status, etc. are paramount to ensuring your surfing safety.

Even though you know how to ride the waves, it doesn't mean you can fight against nature, whenever you have to have a fear of nature!

This time you can wear a Blue Palm Leaf Rash Guard. The blue and white colors are representative of the ocean and sky. It can serve as a reverence to nature.

What Do You Need To Do Before Surfing?Surfing equipment

There is not much equipment needed for surfing activities, just a surfboard is enough.Maybe you don’t know much about surfboard, it’s ok! We will teach you to choose the right surfboard.
The fit and reliability of your surfboard will directly affect the safety and enjoyment of surfing. You need to make sure the surfboard is in good condition when you pick it up. You can check the condition of the surfboard from the following 2 points.
  • Surfboard edge

To avoid breakage, you should stop using your surfboard if it is cracked or bent at the edges.
  • Surfboard tail fin and foot rope

Making sure the tail fin is secure, and that the footrope is secure and not cracked.
The footrope is the only piece of safety equipment that binds your board to you. It's also the tool you need to quickly retrieve your board after you hit the water. If a footrope breaks unexpectedly, it can force you into the middle of the ocean with no reliable floatation, which is very dangerous.
 For safe surfing, you can also add some safety equipment as needed.
  • Surf wax

Apply to the surface of the surfboard to make the surface rough. Prevents surfers from slipping during the surfing process.
  • Surf shoes

In fact, using surf shoes can affect the surfing experience to some extent. However, surf shoes can effectively protect your feet from injuries. Surf shoes are essential when you are surfing at a reef bottom spot. Since the reef is full of shelled creatures such as Balanus, it will cut your skin if you don't careful. High quality surfing suit have many benefits for surfers. Not only prevent damage from reefs, coral, jellyfish, etc., it also provides physical protection from the sun for the skin. It can even help to keep you warm in windy and cold weather conditions.
  • Sunscreen

Sun protection is a vital part for surfers. You can choose to apply sunscreen to your face or skin.But sunscreen can pollute the ocean.  You can choose the   UV hat and sunscreen arm sleeve to process physical sun protection.
It not only effective sun protection, but also protect the environment.

What Need To Prepare Before Surfing?

Surfing environment and weather information

When you are faced with a new surfing environment, you should get as many specifics about the spot from other surfers or locals as possible. Never go into the water unprepared for surfing. You can refer to the last issue where we mentioned the surfing mecca in Australia. Wave patterns, wave direction, bottom conditions, dangerous creatures, etc. should all be known in advance. Avoid surfing alone as much as possible.
It is highly discouraged to go out surfing in bad weather . Strong winds, huge waves, and mixed waves can easily cause danger. The best weather for surfing should be windless. The surf forecast will give you a general idea of whether the waves and weather conditions at the current surf spot are suitable for surfing. Using wave forecasts to create a surfing schedule can make your trip more fulfilling.
You can keep an eye on the surf spot environment and the weather conditions of the day.

What Do You Need To Do Before Surfing?

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