Let's Go On A Crazy Honeymoon!

Let's Go On A Crazy Honeymoon

Immerse yourselves in the land of love and enjoy a honeymoon unlike any other! As a traveling couple who likes to be adventurous and try new things, your honeymoon options are endless, other than just being a tourist walking around the city! So let us provide you with some new inspiration to make the sweet love fixed in those special moments and become indelible romantic memories in your mind.

  • Let The Fish Bear Witness To Your Love

Let's go on a crazy honeymoon

Honeymooners are no longer satisfied with the experience between romance and sightseeing, more and more couples are venturing into various adventurous sports - scuba diving or snorkeling. If you want to know the snorkeling gears suitable for beginners, please click here.

Koh Kradan is located along the coast of Changwat Trang, a city in southwestern Thailand, about 1.5 hours by boat from the popular resort of Krabi. There are 4 kilometers of coastline, crystal-clear water, rolling waves, and professional dive stores. This paradise provides a passionate world for divers and fantastic food and beauty for couples on vacation. So besides putting on your new tropical print rash guard and getting up close with the marine life with your husband, you can also join a local scuba diving class for an exciting and fantastic trip under the sea.

Koh Kradan is also a sacred place for countless newlyweds to hold underwater weddings. The tradition has lasted for more than 20 years and has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. Dive into the 12-meter-deep water with your loved one, step on the seabed of white sand, surrounded by blue waters, and have the local marriage office witness your marriage. In Thai culture, the completion of this ceremony symbolizes that the husband and wife will be happy forever.

  • Travel through time and space with the movie


If you're all obsessed with a movie, then look for them in that city! (Of course, it is not a good thing to be obsessed with all the perfection in the film)
If you are a person who loves fantasy and romance, you can follow Jesse and Celine on the train to beautiful Vienna 'Before Sunrise' and chat with your lover about the past, life, world, and art. Or take a romantic stroll in Paris' Before Sunrise'. Just like Sunrise in 1995, the story of Sunset did not linger in landmark buildings and various symbolic romantic attractions. There was no Eiffel Tower, no Louvre, no Versailles, no Orsay, no Champs and no Arc de Triomphe. There are only two people, the roads of Paris and the golden sunshine.

There are numerous stories about Paris. The Sacred Heart Cathedral in Les quatre cents coups, the long shot of Les Champs-Élysées in À bout de souffle, the go-go bar in Un Flic, the subway in Le Samouraï, the busy traffic in Playtime, and the Eiffel in the rain in Midnight in Paris, etc.

You can follow them to learn about this city, or find the story that belongs to you!

  • Embracing in Salzburg, dancing to classical music


In 1965, the Hollywood movie "The Sound of Music" was shot in Salzburg and nearby mountains. The film brought a beautiful yearning to countless people, and Salzburg became a dreamland in their hearts, romantic and remote. 

As the home of Mozart and Karajan, more than 4,000 cultural performances, including music and theater, are staged in Salzburg every year. In addition, many artists will produce several concerts in historical monuments, which have become an essential part of artistic performances.

In Schloss Mirabell, famous for being the most beautiful wedding hall holds palace concerts every day;  And in Stiftskeller, the oldest restaurant in Europe, you can enjoy the food while watching the Mozart concert and dancing to the leisurely classical vocal music.

  • When day and night are no longer clear, the happiness is that we are together at this moment


Travelers tired of cities and pastures will be wholly enchanted by the Arctic scenery. The thousand-year-old glacier shone with blue light, crystal clear like a fairy tale. During the summer, the temperature in the Arctic is around zero degrees. You don't have to adapt your body to the severe cold and feel the extraordinary polar scenery. There is also the eternal sunshine that has subverted reality. The days seem never to end, and the desire to be with the lover around me forever becomes stronger at this moment.

There are many routes to the Arctic: you can take an icebreaker into the Arctic Circle from the Lapland region in northern Finland, enter the Arctic Circle from Svalbard in Norway. You can also go to Baffin Island in Canada to experience the life of the Eskimos, or come to Iceland before leaving for the North Pole, put on a comfortable swimsuit, drink a glass of beer, and then enjoy the hot springs while looking forward to the arrival of the aurora!

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