Flattering Rash Guard For The New Year

Flattering Rash Guard For The New Year

There isn’t better swimsuit protective clothing than a flattering rash guard. And for the New Year, what better way to update your swimsuit apparel than to go out and buy yourself a new swimsuit?

In some parts of the world, the sun is shining and that gives you the option to plan your next vacation. If that isn’t a possibility, what better way to plan for the summer months than with a new sexy summer outfit? Plenty of designs and patterns are in right now. From floral patterns to plain black, the options are limitless. But that doesn’t make picking a new rash guard an easy task.

In our short article, we’ll give you the hottest rash guards to buy for this summer. With all that said, let’s start.

1.  Black Cut Out Swimsuit Rash Guard

Black Cut Out Swimsuit Rash Guard

If you want to keep your swimsuit simple, a black cut-out rash guard is exactly the type of rash guard to look out for this summer. Even if floral patterns are in-demand, a black rash guard with a cut-out back is the ideal choice for those of you who have a different fashion sense.

Ideal for those of you with a conservative sense, black is never going out. This particular swimsuit has a built-in shelf bra and features long sleeves. The fabric (polyester and spandex) is quick-drying, lightweight, and will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Ideal for the beach, swimming pool, or any seaside vacation, a black cut-out swimsuit rash guard is the perfect women’s rash guard swimsuit for the New Year.

2.  Multicolor Floral Rash Guard

Flattering Rash Guard For The New Year

Floral patterns are definitely the hottest thing in swimwear right now. Women go for floral patterns to express a fresh look. This particular type of rash guard features both a backless and a high cut. This means you’re getting the best of both worlds. If your ideal choice for a floral rash guard is a backless suit, go for it. Made through a combination of polyester and spandex, the swimsuit will protect you from the sun and keep you lightweight as you’re surfing the best beaches in the world.

Ideal for any summer vacation, this floral rash guard features a myriad of colors. Simply said, it’s an all-in-one swimsuit that will make you the highlight of the beach. The built-in bra is also an excellent addition. The swimsuit also features long sleeves and no zip. Putting on the swimsuit is as easy as pie.

If your ideal choice of tropical swimsuit is a floral, multicolor pattern, then there is no better option out there.

3.  Romance Tropical Printed Rash Guard

Romance Tropical Printed Rash Guard

Want a swimsuit made using a combination of tropical prints and a touch of romance, if so, this swimsuit takes the cake. If the goal is to stand out in the New Year, there isn’t a better rash guard to accompany you on your travels.

But not just that, this particular swimsuit features long sleeves and a built-in bra that is just as comfortable as it looks good. Made using a combination of polyester and spandex, the lightweight swimsuit is ideal for swimming or surfing. You can wear it on the beach or at the pool. Ideally, wear it any time you can.

With UPF50+ sun protection, you will rest assured knowing the harmful rays of the sun are kept quiet. As for coverage, the swimsuit features a full back and medium bum coverage.

4.  Seaside Holiday White Rash Guard

Flattering Rash Guard For The New Year

Ideal for any seaside setting, the holiday white rash guard puts a strong emphasis on looking good and having an even better time. This rash guard comes in a few patterns; all related to the seaside. On first look, the swimsuit resembles 70s bathing suits tropical swimsuits. But that shouldn’t discourage you from giving it a try.

As you know, vintage is in. So a seaside holiday white rash guard is the ideal choice for a swimsuit this New Year. With a built-in bra, long sleeves, and appropriate sun protection, there are a few better swimsuits to go for this 2022.

Made using a combination of polyester and spandex, the seaside holiday white rash guard is a certified winner on the beaches.

5.  Nautical Striped Rash Guard

Flattering Rash Guard For The New Year

If your ideal choice for swimwear includes a one-piece nautical design, then this is the rash guard to go for this New Year. One of the highlights of the swimsuit is the front zipper closure and detachable padded cups. Being a one-piece means you have full upper body coverage. The piece includes long sleeves and covers the full bum.

This gives you a higher sense of privacy whiles still being the main highlight of the beach. Ideal for surfing and swimming, the piece dries quickly and offers sun protection.

Being a zippered rash guard means you will have an easier way of putting it on and removing it. As for the color design and patterns, it can be a real kicker. The choice of colors is all nautical style. This will help you blend nicely with the sea. The piece also includes a crew collar design that perfectly accommodates the overall nautical style.

6.   Black Tribal Printed Rash Guard

Flattering Rash Guard For The New Year

Tribal patterns are definitely in right now. What makes tribal patterns so great is that you can combine them with any color. A green swimsuit that features tribal patterns perfectly emphasizes your attention at the beach. But we’d like to turn your attention to this Black Tribal Printed Rash Guard.

Simply said, the black color goes excellently with the tribal print that spans on the sleeves and bottom area. The swimsuit comes with a built-in bra, a front zip, and features long sleeves. This piece also offers full bum coverage and sufficient sun protection. This means you can stay in the water for as long as you want. Ideal for surfing, swimming, or simply hanging by the beach, you will get noticed in this swimsuit.

So if you’re looking for one of the best-looking swimsuits for the New Year, look no further than the Black Tribal Printed Rash Guard.

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