Fashion on a surfboard

1.Ladies' Guide to surfing attire

Almost every bikini-clad ronin has had their clothes washed away by waves. This is when you need to calmly sink into the water.Call a partner to help you find washed clothes.

This also shows that surfing needs to buy a bikini suitable for sports. Many bikinis look good but are not suitable for exercise and are washed away as soon as the waves come.

The straps are definitely better than the straps.The ones with straps are better than the ones without. The straps are attached to the clothes.Shoulder straps, on the other hand, usually have loose buckles, which are more likely to fall off. Strapless strapless strapless bikini, Just wear it for a picture.

Since it is in the sea movement.Then it is normal to occasionally encounter jellyfish.Many people are allergic to jellyfish when they touch their skin.So it's good to wear a long-sleeved jellyfish suit in the season when there are many jellyfish.Jellyfish suits can also be rash guard.After all, most of the time when surfing is in the sun, sitting on the board and waiting for waves.The sun hits your upper body for a much longer period of time.So you can put a cover-up over your bikini, or a random t-shirt.This will also prevent the waves from washing away the upper part of the bikini.


The great thing about one-piece rash guard is that they are not afraid of being washed away by the waves. In the sea, others may have to search for a bikini after a wave, while wearing a one-piece rash guard you can paddle back to the wave area very comfortably. The long-sleeved one-piece rash guard also combines the function of sun protection during the day and cold protection in the evening, without the need to add a somewhat cumbersome cover-up. It's sexy and functional at the same time.


  1. Men's guide to surfing attire

For many men, a pair of swim trunks is enough for the sea. Lightweight and not afraid to break. You can also show off a toned muscle. It is a good choice for gay men who want to get a good tan. After all, the natural sunlight out of the black most natural and sexy.


  1. Guide to surfing wear in cold weather

Among the full-body cold suits, surfing cold suits and diving cold suits are not the same. Diving suits have the same thickness all over the body. The body is wrapped up tightly.

And surf wear cold clothing, the thickness of the hands and legs will be slightly thinner, so that the stroke force, the chest is thicker.

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