What Is Bikini Wax? Easy Guide To Prepare For Bikini Wax


Are you excited to have unlimited fun and enjoy your seaside trip? The summer season is here, and it's the right time for you to gear up for a beach holiday. When it comes to swimwear and bikinis, we all know that looks and comfort are the top priorities. Visible hair between the upper legs and inner thighs affects your look of the holiday and makes you a little uncomfortable. But don't worry; Bikini wax has got your back!

Now you must be wondering what a bikini wax is, right? Let's see!

A bikini wax is used initially to remove pubic hair from the body to have a perfect swimsuit look. It can be cold or hot wax, whatever suits your skin. Not only can you flaunt your new swimwear or surfer bathing suit for women, but also you feel pretty confident in what you are wearing. Exciting, isn't it? You bet! Let's get some more knowledge on Bikini wax here.

Types of Bikini wax:

Every spa or salon has given unique names to its services, but initially, there were two types of bikini wax.  

1. Bikini Line:

Bikini Line wax refers to the removal of hair visible after wearing a swimsuit or underwear using wax. This way, you have no hair on your bikini line, making you super comfortable while carrying your swimsuit.

2. Bikini full:

Bikini full wax includes waxing the pubic hair from the labia and the bony area to remove all the hair from that region altogether. But removing the hair around the anus or butt strip isn't included in the service.

Things to do before the bikini wax:

· Let your hair grow:

Some women tend to shave right before going for wax. Well, that's entirely wrong! The optimal length of your pubic hair before bikini wax should be around a quarter of an inch. Therefore, let your hair grow for around two weeks so the wax may adhere to them appropriately.  

· Try to exfoliate before waxing:

Exfoliating can make the waxing a little less painful as it loosens the hair follicles so they can be removed easily. Moreover, it removes all the dead skin from the area, making it perfectly ready for a good wax. You may use an acne cleanser, a gentle exfoliating scrub, a washcloth, or a dry brush. Just don't rub it too harshly as it can cause inflammation.  

  • Take a shower:

Having a hot bath right before waxing your hair can benefit your skin. It makes your skin smooth and soft which promotes easy hair removal.

· Stay hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water will make your skin plump and moisturized, making it easy to remove hair and promote less pain. Hence, drinking around 64 ounces of water the day before waxing and the day of wax is recommended.

· Relax and be prepared mentally:

Once you get on the waxing table, relax and take a deep breath. Calm your muscles, and don't worry about the pain; it's not that horrible. You will experience some pain, especially if it is your first time, but it won't last longer than the process, so just chill.

Things To Do After The Wax:

· Don't perform the strenuous exercise:

Intense workouts such as cycling, aerobics, or running can cause friction between your legs, especially the waxed area. Moreover, sweating can irritate, leading to infection, itching, or redness. So avoid strenuous physical activity after getting bikini wax, and just relax for some days.

l Avoid Hot Baths:

The steam from a hot shower opens the pores of your skin, letting the hair grow out quicker than expected. Also, there is a chance of bacterial infection in wet and warm places, so it is recommended to take a cool shower after a wax.

l Choose Loose Clothing:

Opt for breathable fabric clothes, flowy pants, and maxi dresses after getting bikini wax. It will prevent your legs from rubbing with the fabric and irritating the skin, keeping discomfort far away from you.

l Avoid Fragrances:

Using soaps, lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals can irritate your skin and cause infection. So always opt for neutral PH cleansers or soaps for rinsing the area.

Bottom Line:

It is pretty normal to have a bikini wax service from spas or salons to get a perfect body for wearing your favorite swimsuit or surfer bathing suit. If you experience a lot of pain, you can take a pain killer before going for the waxing session. However, if you feel itching or visible redness, then contact your practitioner as soon as possible. Flaunt your swimwear and bikinis on the beach and have a memorable holiday. Wait, don't you have a lovely swimsuit? Visit our Attraco website and find the best one for you to complement your soft and smooth waxed body.



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