Do you know all the 8 beach artifacts?

Do you know all the 8 beach artifacts?
  1. Facial sunscreen

The UV rays are strong at the beach, and for those with good skin, maybe just a little tan. But for people with acne and sensitive skin, two different sunscreens are safer!

  1. After the sun repair cream

Sunscreen can wash off swimming or sweating, and should be reapplied immediately. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying sunscreen every two hours.

So, even if you're wearing sunscreen, you're likely to get sunburned! Because you didn't put enough on. Here's where post-sun creams can come to the rescue, preferably with aloe vera! Clear and cool to protect sunburned skin.

  1. Rash guard

In addition to sunscreen, we also need to wear upf 50+ rash guard for physical sunscreen. Because of the strong ultraviolet rays at the beach, wearing sunscreen clothes can better prevent us from sunburn, sunspot formation and so on

Attraco rash guard was made of high-quality polyester fibers, and the SPF values of the fibers are: polyester, cotton, rayon, and silk. Most of the fabrics add sunscreen additives to the ultraviolet protection cloth, some of the sunscreen cloth is the use of ceramic powder and fiber combination, increase the surface of the clothing on the ultraviolet reflection and scattering effect, to prevent the ultraviolet rays through the fabric damage to human skin.

  1. Waterproof bag

Modern people are inseparable from the network, not to mention to the sea wave, always want to send a circle of friends. So waterproof bags are a must-have at the beach to protect your iPod, wallet, and phone from the sea or children.

      5.Wet tissue

Do you want to find a bathroom to clean up when your makeup falls apart after a run in the water? But beach restrooms usually require a long walk and are crowded. So, a makeup remover comes in handy! There will be a lot of unknown substances in the sea, accidentally touch, quickly use antibacterial wipes to wipe.


Salt water is slightly corrosive, and hair can easily be damaged, tangled, and pulled by UV rays and salt water. It is best to take a bottle of hair conditioner with sunscreen effect to resist the damage of seawater and sunlight on hair.

  1. Garbage bag

Unless you plan to stay near the trash can, bring a trash bag!

  1. Insecticide

Don't be fooled by movies and TV, there are mosquitoes on the beach! And gadflies, wasps are regular visitors to the beach, and some unknown pests occasionally appear. Bring bug spray, that's right!


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