7 Best Snorkeling Gear For Beginners

7 Best Snorkeling Gear For Beginners
The long-awaited snorkeling trip has finally begun! As a beginner, you are faced with many different types of snorkeling gear, and it can be challenging to know what to start preparing your luggage, so you plan to go to the snorkeling center on the beach and rent the gear that hundreds of people have used. This is one of the reasons why snorkeling is more dangerous than scuba diving. Aside from hygiene and fitness, you could ruin a great snorkeling time with a random decision. Having the right snorkeling gear is the basis for enjoying the sport, especially if it's your first time to snorkel.
We'll introduce you to 7 best snorkel gear for beginners, helping you choose your equipment more easily than ever to make this underwater adventure perfect!

Snorkel Set Including Fins

A set of comfortable snorkels and masks can not only upgrade your experience in snorkeling but also allow you to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world freely without worrying about choking. Currently, 90% of all island boats offering snorkels and masks are wet, and wet snorkels are still not very convenient for beginners to use. If the snorkel accidentally goes underwater, the water will rush into it, and you will not be able to breathe comfortably and will cause you to cough up water constantly. Moreover, the snorkels and masks provided by the boats have been used many times over. The aging and yellowing of the silicone are typical. If you pick one that will leak, it's not fun. Therefore, getting the right snorkel is well worth the investment.
For beginners to find the most suitable snorkel set, you must understand how to distinguish between various snorkels and choose the suitable mask for you.
  • How To Choose The Snorkel

There are three main snorkels: wet, semi-dry, and dry snorkels. If you don't want water to enter your mouth, I recommend a semi-dry or dry snorkel for a beginner. Of course, it is also recommended that you buy a Formal snorkel rather than a cheap kit from the commissary.
Do you need to know how to swim to snorkel? No, choosing the right gear is more important. For those who can't swim, the dry snorkel adds a waterproof spill-in silicone valve at the top, which closes automatically when it is submerged in water, and a drainage device at the biting end.
And for those who can swim, if you don't want a dry snorkel, you can try an affordable semi-dry snorkel. When the snorkel's intake is on the water, it can block some waves, but when the tube has been submerged in the water, seawater will still flow into the tube.
  • How To Choose The Mask

There are many styles of masks, and you need to consider the quality and fit. Leaky masks can make your snorkeling trip extra bad.
Firstly you need to buy a snorkel mask from a regular place. Secondly, you can put the mask on your face and hang your head down to the ground; if it sticks firmly to your face when you inhale, then it is a good fit.
Secondly, if the strap is tight and uncomfortable for your ears or head, you need to try another mask. This process will take you some time, but the suitable mask that will enhance your snorkeling experience.
If you're worried your mask will fog up, we have an easy solution! Use soapy water to smear the lens on both sides, and then wipe off the water with a tissue. After that, a layer of soapy water is formed on the lens. This effect can last for a long time, so you can try it.
7 Best Snorkeling Gear For Beginners
  • Do We Have To Wear Fins

Fins are good helpers for snorkeling. You will save a lot of effort to swim forward. Whether to wear fins depends on personal needs and can also be determined by the conditions of the snorkeling area.
If you don't have professional needs, you don't need to buy your own; the local service center will have free medium-sized fins for guests to use.

Full Face Snorkel Mask

The full-face snorkel mask is very suitable for people who can't swim or are afraid of water. This mask allows you to breathe directly through your nose in the water, and the carbon dioxide will be expelled through the upper breathing tube, then inhaled in the air. At the same time, a valve on the top of the snorkel will automatically seal the mouth of the tube. So if seawater is filling in, it also has a valve under the mask, and when you lift your head, you can drain it out. So it is better than the regular snorkel in terms of safety.

Snorkeling Wear

We do not recommend you use sunscreen when under the sea; it is very unfriendly to the biology in the water, so for the environment's sake, we recommend that you wear a UPF 50+ rashguard swimsuits. It protects your skin in addition to blocking UV radiation. In addition, it is easy to encounter coral when we enter the shallow water, and the rash guard can save you well from scratch. Moreover, some rash guards are not only suitable for snorkeling but also very practical to wear on occasions such as running, swimming, and spa. Click here to find more womens UPF rash guard shirts that suit you.

7 Best Snorkeling Gear For Beginners

Waterproof Bag

No matter which island you arrive at, there is no storage service at sea. When your towels, wetsuits, and personal belongings have to be placed on a wet boat, you will need a waterproof bag. For the convenience of carrying, you can choose a messenger bag to carry everything.

Snorkeling Socks

Snorkeling socks can be used as a layer of protection when wearing fins. It can protect the skin of the feet from the hard silicone texture of the fins. If you wear rented fins, you should also wear a layer of socks to isolate them for hygiene reasons.

Quick-drying Towels

When you get back to the boat after snorkeling, the rash guard or swimsuit you are wearing is wet. It is easy to catch a cold when the boat is underway. This time a quick-drying towel can not only wrap the body against the wind, but also used to dry the body of seawater. If you can’t fit your suitcase, you can bring a hotel towel to the sea.

Snorkeling photography equipment

If you want to capture the beauty of the underwater and share it with your friends, this is where professional underwater photography equipment comes in handy! We recommend the GoPro. With a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens and a selfie stick, it will be great to take panoramic videos and photos.

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