Attraco Red Pullover Athletic Boyleg Racerback Swimwear

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Size: XS

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Customer Reviews

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Jesus Lopez

Even I liked this item. My wife looks hot in it. Guys I don't think you can go wrong with this swimsuit. As for my wife she absolutely loves this thing. I'll be buying her another just to have extras.


I bought this swim suit to wear at my son's swim class. I wanted something a little more classy to wear around kids that are 4 and under. It fit very well. I ordered a size XL and I am 5'4 and 206lbs. All of my weight is in my boobs, butt and thighs so I was worried about not getting enough support in the bust and the bottom riding up my behind and rolling up in my crotch. None of that happened. The upper support was perfect, even though I removed the padding. It also did not gap in the butt nor ride up in the front. I must say it is my favorite swimsuit.

Ana M.

This suit is exactly what it is Amber ties to be. It's comfortable and it fits well in the size chart works. Only downfall I have is that it's not lined in the back, and I'm a little self-conscious about the fat ripples that you can see under the thin fabric. Thankfully I go to a pool for fitness and am one of the younger people there, and I'm pretty sure nobody's really looking at my butt.! :-) however the front is fully lined the pads in the bra part are good and I generally feel comfortable wearing the suit.


These look great on! I'm very happy. I wanted a suit that offered a little more coverage. Size chart gives solid recommendations when ordering. Super easy on and off for me. I ordered a L (5'2" and 137 with a 36D bust) and I like the fit, not super tight for me but solid fit in the water.


I bought this suit for my 13 year old daughter, we are modest and finding a suit is hard these days when you are looking for modesty. She has gotten many compliments and members of her Girl Scout troop have ordered their own because they are a super comfortable suit with good coverage. The girls can swim confidently with out worry of over exposure.


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