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Why snorkeling is dangerous than scuba diving?

Why snorkeling is dangerous than scuba diving?

When we come all the way to a beautiful island holiday in the sun, most of us are not satisfied with sunbathing or swimming on the beach, they want to get in touch with the sea elves. Compared to water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, and parasailing, snorkeling has the lowest threshold, does not require much money and precious holiday time for training, and appears to be very safe, making it a popular choice for many people, even those who can't swim will try it bravely.While everyone thinks that snorkeling is a sport that most people can take part in, it is in fact more dangerous than scuba diving.

Why snorkeling is dangerous than scuba diving?
  • What is snorkeling?

Compared with scuba diving that needs to be verified, snorkeling can float on the water just by wearing a life jacket, mask, snorkel, and fins, but it is because the equipment is relatively simple and the snorkelers are not very professional, so there is a greater likelihood of danger.

Snorkeling is not only a floating activity on the surface, it includes a series of skills such as floating, diving, ascent, drainage, ventilation, breathing, self-rescue and equipment selection, and use, and even the more difficult basics of "free diving". So when you are ready to enjoy the fun of snorkeling, pay attention to its potential dangers.

  • Why is snorkeling dangerous?

  1. Pride of mind

disregard. From certificate to equipment, snorkeling seems to be more convenient, so let everyone take it lightly.

Overestimated himself. There are not a few accidents caused by the over-confident attitude of the masters. We should always be in awe of the sea and nature.

  1. Poor skills

For those who can't swim, choking is a major cause of accidents. While you are breathing freely in the water and enjoying the incredible sight of the water, you may not expect that your breathing tube and facepiece will suddenly take on water - for many reasons, such as laughing while wearing your facepiece, not biting down on your breathing tube, or even a small wave backing up your breathing tube and allowing seawater to suddenly enter your airway, thus causing a violent cough.

This is when you, who do not have the knowledge and skills to dive safely, try to stand up and lift your head out of the sea in the face of an unexpected situation, only to find that you are unable to do so and cannot help but panic, leading to a drowning accident.

  1. Casual diving equipment

Simple equipment. Because you don’t understand the snorkeling tools, you just choose one and jump into the sea, but this simple and unsuitable equipment will increase the probability of choking. A simple snorkel is composed of a tube and a mouthpiece. When the water enters, you must exhale to spray the water. It is not difficult for people who have swimming skills and learned snorkeling, but for beginners, the water in the pipe cannot be sprayed clean and choked.

Neglecting sun protection. Some visitors often wear bikinis, but the sea can not shield them from UV rays, at the same time snorkeling is on the water most of the time, which makes it very easy to get sunburned and even cause heatstroke. So it is particularly important to choose the right rash guard or wetsuit.

Why snorkeling is dangerous than scuba diving
  1. Unpredictable environmental factors

Marine life that can sting you. Walking in the shallower snorkeling areas, there is a risk of encountering lovely underwater creatures such as sea urchins and coral, which can not only scratch and sting you, but also hurt those innocent marine creatures.

Terrible undercurrent. The sea conditions are complex and changeable, and there will be many unpredictable accidents compared to swimming pools. Even in the same sea area, under different seasons and weather conditions, ocean currents are different. There are often whirlpools and undercurrents hidden under the calm sea surface. Just now it was still peaceful, and huge waves might be set off in an instant.

The emergence of ships. There will also be boats at snorkeling spots near the shore. You may not be able to avoid the propellers in time when the boats approach, so pay attention to the snorkeling position and try to wear bright swimsuits to let them notice you.


Why snorkeling is dangerous than scuba diving
  • Why is scuba diving safer than snorkeling?

  1. A step-by-step process

Diving learning is a process of gradual transition from calm waters to open waters, with increasing depth, and there is a gradual process of adapting to open waters.

  1. Complete teaching system

Although there are not many skills required for snorkeling, because of its simple appearance, many people ignore the skills and knowledge related to snorkeling. But before diving deep, it is necessary to conduct training and learning, and it is also required to wear a wetsuit. The teacher will teach complete diving safety knowledge and scientific theories, as well as assessment.

  1. Clear systems and requirements

In each diving teaching system, there are clear rules for the number of students and the number of instructors. Even FunDive, which does not need to be verified, has clear rules for the number of underwater diving guides.

In addition to the Team Leader system, a Buddy System is implemented in deep diving. In addition to following the instructor and dive guide every time you dive into the water, the buddies formed in pairs are also a safety guarantee for each other.

Why snorkeling is dangerous than scuba diving
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