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Important Gear to Bring On Your Hike.

Important Gear to Bring On Your Hike.

Important Gear to Bring On Your Hike

Absolutely Hiking is one of the greatest things you can do for your health, both mental and physical! It’s not only an amazing way to get off your body to explore your local surroundings, but also a great bonding activity with friends, family, and significant others.

Here’s what I’d recommend you bring with you on your adventure:

Take good measures of Sunscreen

If it’s sunny outside and you’re hiking through the woods or up to a mountain with a cool breeze in your face, you probably won’t be able to tell that your ears and face are getting absolutely torched.  Get yourself some SUN HAT (UPF50+) to cover up those ears, cheeks, and back of your neck. Or you could choose a suitable Rashguard to protect your skin.

Bug spray

especially if it’s “that time of the year” in your area where bugs are out in full force.  Nothing worse than coming home to arms and legs covered in bug bites.

First aid kit

Having some first aid stuff with you is a good idea: band-aids and moleskin for blisters and cuts, Neosporin or some type of disinfectant for cuts/scrapes, and maybe a bandage or two just in case. Outdoor stores sell travel first aid kits (as does Amazon), but I’d advise you to make your own (you should have these things in your medicine cabinet anyways – and then you’ll know exactly where everything is!).

Pocket knife

Not essential if you’re in a park, but a good thing to have with you out in the woods so you’re prepared for anything.


 No need to go blind while out on the trail.  You probably already have sunglasses floating around your house: I’d recommend bringing the $5 ones rather than $250 Ray-Bans.


a phone can help bail you out in case of an emergency, and if you have a smartphone it can multitask as your compass, distance tracker, mapper, and so on. Even if you have a cellphone, bringing a compass or GPS system isn’t a bad idea (unless it’s bright and sunny and you’re good at orienting yourself).

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