Confused About What Type Of Swim Shirt To Wear?

Confused About What Type Of Swim Shirt To Wear?

Actually, compared with the rash guard,the swim shirt is more suitable for daily life. It is not only suitable for swimming but also can be used for other outdoor activities. You must be worried about which type of swim shirt to buy when you are shopping for one. Let's take a look at how to buy a swim shirt today.


Go Hiking Or Climbing

Have you ever thought about rash guards being worn in climbing or hiking? We guess you haven’t thought about it. A Navy Color Block Zipper Rash Guard will be a good option for you. The front zipper can make you more comfortable to wear and put on while you are climbing. It also has the fabrics of quick-drying. So you can't fear the sweating in hiking!

Water Activities In Summer?

What will you do in summer? It must be the water activities! If you plan on doing water activities, you'll need a short sleeve to wear while swimming. Basic Color block Short Sleeve Rash Guard made for summer water sports. Whatever beach volleyball, surfing, or paddleboarding, a short sleeve swim shirt can reduce the constricting feel. You can swim more freely. You can also match Solid High Waist Swim Bottoms to challenge various water activities!

Can't fit the original size?

Plus-size girls, have you ever encountered this situation? While you want to buy a new rash guard, but don’t find the right size. We believe you must be crazy in this situation. So, we've added the Plus section in order to make shopping a pleasure for every girl!

Zipper Plus Size Long Sleeve Rash Guard is perfect. It combines long sleeves and a zipper. Whether it's swimming, surfing, or hiking, this swim shirt is a good choice. No longer need to worry about size, enjoy your journey!

Want To Create A Fashion Style?

To be honest, most swim shirts are usually monotonous with a basic color. Therefore, we bring a new style to break this situation. The Long Sleeve Split Tie-Dye Rash Guard follows the trend with tie-dyes and a crop top. It can be matched with many other bottoms, including jeans, skirts, etc. It is better for you to create a fashion style!

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