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Affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, wearing a mask outside has become part of our daily life. You will feel bad If you walk in the crowd without a mask. So, wear mask for a long time, what effect can it produce to your skin? Will it cause all kinds of skin problems, or will it make skin better? 

Will it cause the skin problem?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, seeing the face of the medical staff after the removal of masks, especially distressed these retrograde angels.  

As a result of wearing mask, goggles for a long time, and the package of protective clothing, the face was strangled out a trace, local swelling, inflammation. Obviously, these pictures have a great visual impact. Many friends began to worry if it will appear the skin problems of the photo while long-term wearing masks. Meanwhile, articles about the various skin problems caused by wearing masks have flooded the Internet, further fueling concerns among ordinary people.

Those of you who are worried may have overlooked that the environment and protective equipment worn by ordinary people and health care workers are very different. Medical staffs spend a lot of time in the ward, in close contact with patients that's why they requiring extremely high levels of protection. Medical staffs are not allowed to expose any part of the body except for breathing and are almost completely isolated from the surrounding environment. The mask should be close to the skin, and squeeze the goggles, prone to a variety of skin problems.

The average consumer, however, is not in a high-risk environment and does not need to be protected like a health care worker. Wearing a mask, wash hands frequently, basically can achieve the purpose of protection. Masks can isolate germs, dust and purify the air. Air permeability is the most basic requirements of the mask, the skin will not be completely isolated from the outside world, basically not because of the mask airtight and stuffy pox.Masks are designed with comfort in mind. Ordinary people are not as crinkly as medics, with all kinds of indentation.The mask that produces according to national standard, have strict regulation on material choice, won't irritate skin, cause sensitive.

Wearing a Mask is Good for Your Skin

For the general population, long-term wearing masks, not only will not cause skin problems, and the skin has several benefits: 1, moisturizing; 2, isolation of environmental pollution; 3, prevent bask in

1. Moisturizing

After wearing mask, facial skin and outside more a layer of isolation, the formation of a relatively closed space, the rate of skin moisture evaporation slowed down, thereby play the role of moisturizing. At the same time, the air exhaled from the nose contains water, which can create a moist environment around the skin and prevent dry skin. Wet it is the cornerstone that protects skin, want the skin moisture is sufficient only, nature compares water tender, smooth, have burnish.

In the daily environment, we suggested to wear disposable surgical mask, do not recommend long-term wear N95 mask. Because N95 mask is denser, slightly less permeable. In hot season, the skin with exuberant part grease secretion, because be in too airtight environment for a long time, can feel frosty, can stimulate skin to grow blain possibly.

2. Isolation of environmental pollution

Air pollution is a hot topic in recent years.Especially every winter, haze weather often accompanied.There is a lot of dust, sulfide, heavy metal ions, pollen and so on floating in the air.These pollutants can stick to the skin, irritate the skin and cause various skin problems.Wearing a mask on a daily basis isolates the skin from these contaminants, giving it an extra layer of protection.

3. Prevent bask in

When it comes to protection from the sun, most people think of sunscreen. Actually, the physical way such as rash guard, sun hat, mask, sunshade basks in, it is very safe and effective method, especially to sensitive and fragile, the skin that does not suit to use sunscreen. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, many persons were not used to or were too embarrassed to wear masks. Masks are now a daily necessity, and there are no psychological barriers to wearing them.

The bask in ability of mask, can judge with a few simple, rough methods. Generally speaking, the bask in force of polyester fiber is stronger than poly amide fiber and stick fiber, brunet fastens stronger than light color fastens, thick than thin strong. You can also see fabric is tight degree directly previous to light, previous to light less often bask in the effect is better than previous to light more. Professional sun protection mask can achieve the sun protection index of UPF50 above, sun protection ability is very strong, can completely replace the sunscreen. If you pay attention to insist on wearing a mask for a month, will the skin become moister and delicater?  People all over the country will wear masks for another 3 months, and it is estimated that they will be one degree whiter.


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