Is it good to wear sport bras for swimming

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Can You Wear a Sports Bra to Swim?

One reader wrote:   “My basic predicament is that bathing suits don't fit me. I've got boobs that agree bigger than the rest of me proportionally, a medium waist, and shoulders that don't wanna hold anything up. I've tried large cup bathing suits but I can't spend money trying new styles when I'm not exactly well off enough to do that. So the last time I was in the store I picked up a sports bra that seemed fairly water resistant to see if it would work.” I was just wondering; would it be noticable that it wasn't a regular swimming top? Is it modest enough? Would people care?Would love thoughts on this.

Yes. You can swim in a sports bra. However, there are factors you need to take into consideration before going to the sports bra diving pool. The main effect is chlorine or salt water it will ruin the color and damage sports bra. Secondly, sports bras are absorbent. This makes sports bras slow to dry while heavy and dragging when wet.


Although sports bras are only used for exercise. It can be used for various sports, such as yoga, gym, and even swimming. There are reasons to reconsider wearing sports bras while swimming. Let’s start with the reason that sports bras can replace bikini tops.

  • The sports bra will provide you with shape and support while you perform a wide range of swimming movements and exercises
  • Most sports bras does not have hard irritating wires. Instead, they are made of a bonding material usually made of flexible plastic, which is sufficient to provide comfort without suffering the pain.
  • Nowadays, there are various designs that can even be used as bikini tops.

After all, If you aren’t swimming to exercise, just for the joy of it, a sports bra can replace a bikini top in a pinch. If you are exercising and want to wear a bikini, you do need a top that’ll stay put despite vigorous motion.Then wear a bikini top and be done with it.

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